Can I transfer money to my account at another bank?

Yes! It is possible to transfer money to an account at another financial institution. 

First, you will need to verify your external account.

Once verified, you may begin initiating transfers. To initiate a transfer, follow these instructions

 How do I access digital statements? 

In Online Banking, you can access digital statements from the ‘Documents’ tab.

Please note that you must enroll before viewing digital statements. Only statements produced after the date of enrollment will be uploaded for viewing.

For more detailed instructions click here.

Can I connect my Select Bank account to QuickBooks?

Select Bank is enabled for QuickBooks Direct Connect, which allows your account transactions to automatically feed into QuickBooks.

To connect to QuickBooks follow these Instructions.

What are the different Multi-Factor security options when logging in?

We offer several options for Multi-Factor Authentication, all of which can be enabled simultaneously.

  1. Text/SMS message
    • Receive a code that will be entered on website. Requires cellular connection. (Still works if there is no internet connection)
  2. Phone Call
    • Receive code that will be entered on website or a prompt to press a button on the phone keypad. Requires cellular or landline connection. (Still works if there is no internet connection)
  3. Duo Mobile Authenticator App
    • Receive a push notification that will allow you to tap a green check mark or red X to approve or deny the request in the app. Requires internet connection. (Still works if there is no cellular connection)

Is the chat feature AI?

No, in our chat feature you are speaking with a live Select Bank representative in real-time.

What payment type do I select for monthly loan payments?

Loan payments should be run as a Regular Payment. This will apply the payment to both principal and interest, as needed.

If any of the other options are selected when trying to make a monthly payment, the system will display ‘Past Due’ after the due date.

Can I use the Travel Notification feature under the Manage Cards tab for travel to a different country?

Unfortunately, the Travel Notification feature only applies to domestic travel within the United States. For international travel, please contact your local branch.

Can I use SelectManage with my account at another bank?

It is possible to connect an account at another bank to our SelectManage budgeting tool!

Why am I receiving an email with the subject “User Nearing Disable/Deletion Date”?

These emails are sent as a courtesy a few days before the following deadlines:

  1. Users who do not log into online banking for 90 days are disabled.
    • If it is not yet 90 days, users may sign in to reset the 90-day clock.
    • After 90 days, please contact your local branch to be reenabled.
  2. Users who do not log into online banking for 180 days are deleted.
    • Contact your local branch to restore your online banking access.

How do I add my debit card to my Digital Wallet (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)?

Once you make the request to add your debit card in your digital wallet, it may notify you to contact Select Bank. Reach out to Select Bank and we will be able to confirm your request on our end. Please be sure to keep the request active it your digital wallet.