Kasasa Protect

A more secure identity starts with Kasasa Protect®.

Your credit cards, tax documents, and medical records could be in the wrong hands — right now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take back what’s rightfully yours with identity protection from Kasasa Protect, starting at just $8 per month.

Choose from three levels of coverage, including:

  • Internet surveillance
  • Credit monitoring with real-time alerts*
  • $1M identity theft insurance**
  • 24/7 expert restoration assistance

Turns out, you CAN have eyes everywhere.

Kasasa Protect takes your protection seriously, scanning over 600,000 pages and millions of data points every single day, 24/7. And if they suspect your identity is ever compromised, you can reclaim what’s yours without the stress — with lost wallet restoration services and a Limited Power of Attorney for your peace of mind.

Plus, Kasasa Protect offers free, three-bureau credit monitoring* so you can stay informed of any changes with your monthly credit report.

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*Applicable for Kasasa Protect Plus and Kasasa Protect Premium packages only.

**Applicable for Kasasa Protect Premium package only.